It is applied in construction a warm-up of concrete of constructions In the thermoactive casing. As thermoactive term a casing consisting from The steel panel installed on them of heating coils and outdoor Thermoinsulants. For speed-up of turn-over of its thermoactive casing Make down after the end of an isothermal warm-up. To cool down concrete Leave under shelter from slag felt blankets, a canvas, polyethylene Films. The temperature hoisting speed, its max quantity is checked And velocity of chilling.

it is necessary to avoid sharp chilling of a construction which one calls Major heat stresses in concrete and its fissuring. Thermoactive The casing can be applied to raising of the diversified constructions at Outside temperatures more low-20°S.

Steam-heating and a concrete air heating are Expedients of a complementary warm-up of the concrete laid down in a construction. Their application demands major complementary expenditures and can be It is recommended only for thin-wall constructions for which one exists Danger of overdrying of concrete at its electro arm-up.

At a steam heating, high temperatures (80-95°Ñ) are constructed in Combination to the favorable moisture requirements which considerably are speeding up Concrete solidification. The steam-heating concrete of monolithic constructions it is made in Steam jackets, in a wicking casing, in a steam bath or a trajectory Vapour gear transmissions on the tubes pledged at concreting by the produced Constructions. During steam-heating, max temperature of concrete should not exceed at quick-hardening cement application 70°Ñ, portland cement – 80’Ñ, and a slag portland cement and a portland-puzzolan cement – 90°Ñ.

Duration of an isothermal warm-up assigns (on To effects of full-scale tests) the building lab also checks with The account of a sort of applied cement, temperatures of a warm-up and demanded strength. Cooling of constructions after an isothermal warm-up originates the same as At an electro arm-up. The temperature of the laid down concrete at its steam heating Check in maiden 8 ch through everyone 2 ch, in the subsequent 16 ch – through 4 ch, and In the warm-up and cooling rest of the time – is not rarer than a once in the shift. At Concrete warm-up warm air it is necessary to track carefully, that The fencing of the warmed room did not skip volatilized of concrete Moisture. If the air humidity in the warmer room is Poor, the construction is necessary for sprinkling water.

For the purpose of supply of solidification of concrete in winter, requirements Apply the various flexible thermal radiators, allowing to warm a surface The slip form casting, separate devices of the foundations, concrete Preparations.

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